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GERSO’s broad product portfolio offers perfectly fitting solutions for your business at an unbeatable value for money. From simple POS articles via fixed primary displays to mobile solutions. At GERSO you’ll find everything for the needs of petrol stations:

  • Metal displays for handkerchiefs and baskets
  • Cooling elements, baskets for sales representatives
  • For the selling areas a wide array of promotional stands, special stands, dump tables mesh, postcard and flower stands
  • Shop-in-shop solutions, fully tailored to your needs
  • Shelving systems for the cashier area and impulse purchases

Our offering of standardized shelving modules (e.g. pegboards, grid walls, hooks, fixtures, price displays), pre-commissioned displays and individual heavy racks systems is fully tailored to the needs of our customers. Regardless if you want to show-case and sell your products to the end-consumer or you just need storage space behind the counter area: GERSO has for every need the perfectly matching concept.

We are complementing our solutions by smart shelving systems to enable real-time re-odering post customer purchases and real-time consumer consulting. All can be integrated into your existing shelves and management systemes without having to install cameras to fulfill these tasks.


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